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Just nu i M3-nätverket

Rysk webserver


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jag har fått en fråga som jag inte kan svara på: Stödjer OS X Webserver ryska?

Jag förstår inte riktigt var problemet skulle ligga, men istället för att lova nåt jag inte är säker på så frågar jag den breda massan!



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saxat ur httpd.conf:


# AddLanguage allows you to specify the language of a document. You can

# then use content negotiation to give a browser a file in a language

# it can understand.


# Note 1: The suffix does not have to be the same as the language

# keyword --- those with documents in Polish (whose net-standard

# language code is pl) may wish to use "AddLanguage pl .po" to

# avoid the ambiguity with the common suffix for perl scripts.


# Note 2: The example entries below illustrate that in quite

# some cases the two character 'Language' abbreviation is not

# identical to the two character 'Country' code for its country,

# E.g. 'Danmark/dk' versus 'Danish/da'.


# Note 3: In the case of 'ltz' we violate the RFC by using a three char

# specifier. But there is 'work in progress' to fix this and get

# the reference data for rfc1766 cleaned up.


# Danish (da) - Dutch (nl) - English (en) - Estonian (ee)

# French (fr) - German (de) - Greek-Modern (el)

# Italian (it) - Korean (kr) - Norwegian (no) - Norwegian Nynorsk (nn)

# Portugese (pt) - Luxembourgeois* (ltz)

# Spanish (es) - Swedish (sv) - Catalan (ca) - Czech(cs)

# Polish (pl) - Brazilian Portuguese (pt-br) - Japanese (ja)

# Russian (ru)


Så det ska väl inte vara några problem, om du behöver mer kött på benen så kolla på http://httpd.apache.org

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