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Just nu i M3-nätverket

Akut! Hur gör man fade in i garageband?


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Not at my Mac right now, but I think it's under ther view menu, display audio volume.(bad memory)

Should display the rubbeband volume controls.


Or you can record the movements of the volume fader.


This can be done by individual tracks, or globally by displaying the Master track.


If this explanation isn't clear, engage the help menu for exact details.




Saturday 04 March 2006 à 15:07

It is fairly simplle...

Depending on what track it is you want to fade... at any rate, or on any track... click on the down looking arrow, located along with the head phone looking icon and the speeker looking icon. This will give you what is called a volume drawing track right below the track you want to control the volume of... Where you want the volume to fade... click, there should be a dot appear on the blue line. Click where you want the volume to be zero. Another blue dot will appear.. pull down to zero, and done.

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Jag skulle rekommendera att du går igenom programmets funktioner. Detta är en ganska grundläggande grej..... Peta på allt och se vad som händer alternativt läs hjälpfiler.

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