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Just nu i M3-nätverket

A Disappointing Look At Apple’s Dual G5 Tower


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Den första negativa artikeln jag läste om PM G5 visade sig vara baserad på ett måndagsexemplar till maskin.


Update: 10-10-2:PM -- This morning while being tested by an Apple Technician this Dual G5 suffered a complete logic board failure, making this hands-on report rather useless. Rather than delete this entry and mess up external links, we present the column below in it's entirety. We'll follow up next week when our CTO Dual G5 is expected to arrive. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We also apologize to Apple (that's a first!) for assuming the Dual did not live up to expectations. It still might not, but we'll have to wait for a properly working machine in order to determine that. - LS/jm


Puh. Ett tag fick jag för mig att den kanske inte var så bra ändå.

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