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Just nu i M3-nätverket

Sleep mode


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Hej. Skrev ett mail för att fråga varför det cpade med mitt ljudkort i macen. Fick svar. Men kanske någon annan fattar mailet bättre n mig. Står att mitt ljudkort inte fixar sleep mode men va fan det e ju inte `på. Stänger man av det i bios typ?


Men läs här och hjälp mig,


"Our current Delta drivers for Mac OSX do not support sleep mode.


However, due to requests from users, we are considering adding this feature back in a future driver release.


Check back on our website later for updated Delta driver releases."










M-Audio Technical Support




Please do not delete prior e-mail.


We request that you include all previous correspondences in order to receive the most efficient




*No part of this e-mail may be copied for any use without the expressed written permission of M-Audio. Its contents are confidential


and intended for the addressed recipient only. If you are not the intended receipt, you are hereby notified that any disclosure,


copying, distribution, or use of the information contained herein


(including and reliance thereon) or any other unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.*







From: erik hörberg [mailto:erik_jamiet@hotmail.com]

Sent: Sunday, October 23, 2005 4:21 AM

To: techsupt@m-audio.com

Subject: [M-AUDIO HARDWARE SUPPORT] Mac OS 10.4.3, Delta 1010, version FROM erik_jamiet@hotmail.com




M-Audio Technical Support Ticket - 2005-10-23 04:12:38


Date / Time:

Name: erik hörberg

E-Mail: erik_jamiet@hotmail.com



Country of purchase: SE


Manufacturer: Apple

Model: Power Mac g4

Desktop/Laptop: desktop



Speed: 667Mhz

RAM: 1Gig

Graphics Card:

OS:Mac OS 10.4.3

Service Packs:


Device: Delta 1010

Other M-Audio products used: Delta 1010

Have latest driver?: 1

Driver Version:


Software involved: Os

Other MIDI devices : Non

Other Audio Devices: Non


When did problem start : As soon as restarted my computer

Upgrades: No




Hi.! I baught my first Power mac a few days ago. Plugged in my new Delta 1010 and everything worked out fine. Next day I started my Computer and it said \"DMPS going to sleep.\" I couldt figure out what it was but then i took out my soundcard and it worked again. When I plugged in the soundcard again it worked but as soon as I restarted my computer it went the same way as before. If I take out the soundcard it still says\" DMPS going to sleep\" but it starts up. So I really dont know what to do. It is really anoying. I know that the soundcard works because I\'ve tried it in another computer PLz help me. Best regards Eric

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Gå in på följande




Drag reglaget "Sätt datorn i vila...." till aldrig

Nu har du stängt av "sleep"


Hoppas det hjälper!

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Vaddå "deep sleep är inte på"??


Vanligtvis när du vilar datorn slocknar den nästan helt, så den blir tyst. Kör du senaste drivisarna till bland andra audiophile 2496 så funkar inte deep sleep, utan när du vilar datorn så går fläktarna fortfarande, som gamla macar gjorde.


Nu när jag kör med de gamla drivisarna finns det risk att datorn istället hänger när man väcker den ur vilan, om jag har pillat med midi-synten under viloperioden. Skärmen blir bara svart och datorn svarar inte o.s.v.

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