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Permission problems in finder while editing server


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(Edit: Jag upptäckte nu att det här var ett svenskspråkigt forum, det går bra att svara på svenska på min fråga om ni har några idéer...)



I am trying to edit stuff on my server connected by wifi in my home network. Sometimes it works without a problem. Other times I have to first move to foldler to a local mac folder, change the name or files I want to edit, before being able to move it back to the server. Sometimes (about 50% of the time I can edit them directly on the server using yosemite. The write and read permissions are all set on everything I am editing and it all seem very random why I can edit some folders at some times whereas it is impossible the next time for no apparant reason?


Is there anyway to give myself a general permission to ALWAYS edit everything I want on my server using mac os yosemite?


Thankful for ideas!

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