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Hey there,

So I'm trying to copy some stuff like photos, videos, documents, etc. from my private laptop Macbook Air (bought in 2014) to WD My Passport.

I'm copying folder by folder rather than using the Time Machine function.

I was in the process of copying & pasting from my laptop, to WD My Passport a folder with Pictures. However something must have gone wrong as it was just "estimating time" for a VERY long time. Hence I clicked "Stop" and now it says "Stopping" but nothing is happening... I can't eject the WD My Passport neither as it then says "The volume can't be ejected as it's currently in use".


Is there any way to 'Force Quit' this copying process like I would do if an app stopped responding or so?

Thank you in advance,



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Then restart Finder.


Restart the Mac just for good measure.

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