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Ny säkerhetsbug: “Logjam Attack”

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Skrev lite om det här nyss, men tänkte att det kanske borde vara med här också...

Logjam, en släkting till FREAK, är en ny bug (igår). Wall Street Journa skrev:

All browser makers are releasing updates with a fix for a computer bug dubbed LogJam. Mozilla said it is updating Firefox within a few days. Photo: Pau Barrena/Bloomberg News

// ... //

A dilemma this spring for engineers at big tech companies, including Google Inc., Apple Inc. and Microsoft Corp. , shows the difficulty of protecting Internet users from hackers.

Internet-security experts crafted a fix for a previously undisclosed bug in security tools used by all modern Web browsers. But deploying the fix could break the Internet for thousands of websites.

“It’s a twitchy business, and we try to be careful,” said Richard Barnes, who worked on the problem as the security lead for Mozilla Corp., maker of the Firefox Web browser. “The question is: How do you come up with a solution that gets as much security as you can without causing a lot of disruption to the Internet?”


New Computer Bug Exposes Broad Security Flaws - WSJ
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Logjam: How Diffie-Hellman Fails in Practice
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