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Just nu i M3-nätverket

iOS 8.3, fildelning och sparad data


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Det verkar som iOS 8.3 har gjort det omöjligt (svårt) för 3'e-partprogram att komma åt filer i iOS.

Program som t ex iExplorer, iMazing m fl.

“... can no longer access the Documents and Library folders of any app you’ve installed on your device. And that means no saving game data and/or sideloading it across devices.”


“Right now, the only advice is to stick with (or downgrade back to) iOS 8.2, use a jailbroken device, or cross your fingers and hope one of the devs manages to work around this issue.”

Notes | Egg Freckles
Warning: iOS 8.3 blocks sideloading of app and game save data | Revert to Saved: A blog about design, gaming and technology
iOS 8.3 and Apps Access - iMazing (formerly DiskAid)

- - -

Vore ju synd om det har slutat fungera (har inte 8.3 själv). iExplorer är ju ett väldigt bra/trevligt program.

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