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Just nu i M3-nätverket



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Startar tråden med någon jag letar efter några timmar nu:)

Hur gör jag för att mixa ihop två bilder, alltså att båda videoklippen spelas upp samtidigt 50/50. Inte sida vid sida utan i varandra.

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Är det det här du menar?

Use Compositing settings

The Compositing settings provide a wide variety of options for combining two images. You can make a simple adjustment to evenly combine two images, or you can choose from settings that use the video content to determine how to combine the images.



Use the Opacity adjustment

Position the playhead in the Timeline where you want to add a clip above the primary storyline.


Select the clip to add in the Event Browser, and choose Edit > Connect to Primary Storyline (or press Q).


To see the composited clips, position the playhead within the clip that was just added.


By default, the new clip completely obscures the clip on the primary storyline.


To make the new clip partially transparent, select it in the Timeline and adjust the Opacity control in the Compositing section of the Video inspector.


The closer you set Opacity to 0 percent, the more transparent the clip above the primary storyline becomes. Additionally, you can use the Opacity fade handles in the Video Animation Editor to have the composited clip dissolve on and off, or add keyframes to have the opacity value change at specified points.



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