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Just nu i M3-nätverket

macbook pro arbetar för fullt med nått konstigt program


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Min macbook pro kan ibland börja jobba på som skjutton, kollar då i Aktivitetskontrollen och ser att ett program som heter Quick Look Helper jobbar till 199% så datorn blir varm och fläktarna börjar jobba på. Så nu undrar jag om nån vet vad Quick Look Helper är för nått? Är det nått skit program jag har fått in i datorn och nått jag kan leta upp och ta bort?



// Kevin

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Quick Look Helper problem solved! (I think)


Still chasing down why Quick Look Helper hogs the CPU, allocates a ton of memory, and slows the machine down to a crawl ... and all OK after quitting the process ...


Finally decided to call Apple, and a software specialist helped me debug the problem.

I'll go through the whole scenario, as we found some unrelated problems that you might find too.


First, ran "Verify Disk" on Macintosh HD ... and found some errors.

Did a Time Machine Backup


Ejected and disconnected all external hard drives


Rebooted in Single User mode (Cmd-S during boot)


Ran "/sbin/fsck -fy" (type in exactly as shown)


The previously noted verify disk errors were repaired (whew...)


Re-ran "/sbin/fsck -fy"


All checked out OK (Apple engineer said this fixes many of the problems they see w. slowdown).


Re-booted normally


Started Activity Monitor and Quick Look Helper was taking up about 2% CPU activity


Opened Macintosh HD in column view ... to Documents ... to a .rtf file and clicked on it

Spinning wheel for about one sec in Preview pane

Then preview pane went blank (white)

Quick Look Helper immediately went to 195% CPU activity and computer response slowed

Clicked on some other files and many showed just a spinning wheel in the Preview pane


Looked in System/Library/Quicklook and removed VMWARE FUSION QUICKLOOK.QLGENERATOR and

Pacifist qlgenerator


Rebooted .... and all functions normal ... previous files w/o preview icons displayed normally, Quick

Look Helper stayed at 1%, and dropped back to 0.0% when no keyboard activity, no slowdown,



Re-installed the Pacifist Quicklook helper file


Rebooted ... and all functions normal


So - it looks like VMWare Fusion QuickLook.qlgenerator is the culprit --- and I sent this note to

VMWare as well.


I've gone to Bootcamp as I have few Windows applications that I use, and it is pretty foolproof.


Might take another look at VMWare Fusion in the future though ... as I like the convenience ...


Hope this helps

//Richard Sugden På https://discussions.apple.com/thread/2315503?start=0&tstart=0

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