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Irriterande dubbla SMS påminnelser i iOS5


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Hittade tipset hur få bort (vad jag tycker är) irriterande dubbla påminnelser om nya SMS





How to turn off repeat SMS notifications in iOS5

At some point a long time ago I my iPhone started playing a sound multiple times for the same SMS text message. This got really annoying because my phone would make the SMS sound, I’d look at it and think I’ll deal with it later and put it down, then a minute or two later I’d get another SMS sound, think I had a second message and so look at it again only to find nothing new was there. I understand some people like this behaviour, but for me it was annoying. I was thankful when Apple added the option to change it in Sounds-Messages settings.


However, in iOS5 I found the multiple SMS notifications occurring again and I couldn’t find the setting in sounds anymore. Thankfully, after much searching I found it… so if you have iOS5 and want to have only one notification per SMS you will find the setting as follows…


How to turn off multiple SMS/text notifications in iOS 5


1. Go to the Settings app

2. Select Notifications

3. Select Messages

4. Scroll down and you’ll see the Repeat Alert setting… change it to whatever you prefer.







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