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Just nu i M3-nätverket

Spotify slutar stödja PPC och Tiger


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Fick ett mejl nyss:




In order to give Spotify users the best possible experience, we're constantly improving the Spotify desktop application. Every so often, these advances push Spotify beyond the capabilities of some older Macintosh computers.


In a few months' time, this process will affect Macs with the following system properties:


OS version: Mac OS X versions earlier than earlier than 10.5

Processor: PowerPC Macintosh (regardless of OS version)


(You can find information about your own Mac by accessing "About this Mac" under the Apple menu.)


We're really sorry if you're affected by this change. For the time being, you can still use Spotify on these Macs – you just won't receive new feature updates. Ultimately, Spotify will cease to be available for these systems, but not just yet.


Kind regards,

The Spotify Team

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Jävla skit! Mina iMac-G4:or som jag har som musikdatorer är snart helt värdelösa... :(:irriteradtjej:

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